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    1. Quick Intro to Our 3 Step Practical Solution

    2. Connect - People to Value

    3. Rate Connect

    4. Actualize

    5. Rate Actualize

    6. Transform

    7. Rate Transform

    1. Apply for CDAP - How to

    2. Recap - and Next Steps

    3. Before you go...

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Establish clarity and a common definition of project success with the leadership team and empower them to mobilize change and engage their teams.

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Make measurable process improvements in less time with your team driving the change.

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Establish a cadence of adopting the new technology and start demonstrating success through measurements. 


  • What is Digital Adoption?

    Digital Adoption is the uptake of key user behaviours to get the intended value out of any technology purchase. Digital Adoption involves people changing their behaviour from how they are used to doing a particular task or activity, to adopting new features and functionality within a digital (i.e. software) application. At through our decades of collective experience implementing and managing change, we have designed our very own change management process that helps any change manager, technology manager, business owner, project manager not only make a technology change successful but also create a culture that enables digital transformation in the organization through our 5 minutes a day approach.

  • What are some examples of Digital Adoption Projects?

    1. Point of Use Data Entry - Using any software to enter data directly into the software application. e.g. ERP, CRM, Task Management, Project Management, SAP, Short Interval Control etc.

    2. Team Communication - Speed Up communication through, chat, calendar sharing, location tracking etc. e.g. MS Teams, Google Workspace, Webex Teams etc.

    3. Decision Support - Using computed data to make faster and more accurate decisions from data out of any of the above systems using a business intelligence tool like Power BI, Crystal Reports, Internal Application Reports

    4. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce - Involves adoption of a variety of digital marketing tools such as CRM, Google Ads, Website Upgrades, Online Stores such as Shopify etc.

  • I want advice on my current project, who can I talk to?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

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